Lives in Lucerne.
Starts, influenced by rock, R & B and jazz, playing electrobass and later also double bass in the sixties.
In 1970, begins studying music (double bass) at the Conservatory Lucerne (classic), and at the Jazz School in Berne.
Continues his instrumental studies in the concert class of Yoan Goilav.
Member of the electric jazz group "OM" with Christy Doran, Fredy Studer, Urs Leimgruber Tours in Europe (east and west). Radio and TV performances, workshops. Participation in theater, ballet and film music.
Played at the following festivals: Prerov (CSSR); 5. Internationales Weltforum, Viktring (A); VIII Biennale de Paris (F); Jazz Nad Odre, Wroclaw (P); Montreux (CH); Hamburg (D); Willisau (CH); Nürnberg (D); Würzburg (D); Jamboree Warschau (P); Steirischer Herbst, Graz (A); Swiss Jazz Days Solothurn (CH); Jazzwerkstatt Petz (D); Bregenz (A); Zürich (CH); Brüssel (B); Paris F); Bilzen (B); Espaces Paris (F); Jazz in the garden, Berlin (D); Dortmund (D); Lyubliana (Y); Neuwied (D); Ulm (D); Jazz Ost-West ,Nürnberg (D); Aberdeen (GB); Leipzig (D); etc.
Award from the City of Lucerne, Prizewinner with OM
Duo with Urs Leimgruber
Concerts and recordings
"Reflexionen" with Urs Leimgruber, Don Friedman, Trilok Gurtu, later with Joel Allouche.
Touring Europe and USA, Radio and TV recordings
Occasional works with Pierre Favre, Daniel Bourgquin, Leon Francioli.
Guest solo performer at "Serenaden im Park der Villa Schönberg" Zürich (CH), Festivals in Aarau und Solothurn
Contract composition and concert at WDR, Cologne, with the "Trion basso" (Eckart Schloifer, Viola; Othello Liesmann, Violoncello; Wolfgang Güttler, Double bass), Barry Altschul, Maurice Magnoni, Urs Leimgruber
Touring Great Britain/Scotland with the quartet Doran, Leimgruber, Burri, Allouche
Concert at Palmengarten Frankfurt with "Albert Mangelsdorf and Manfred Schoof Quartet"
Concert and recording of G.O. (composition of Bobby Burri), Belluarde 84 Fribourg with Jacques Demierre, Alfred Zimmerlin, René Krebs, Joel Allouche, Urs Leimgruber
Festivals in Willisau and Edinburgh (GB)
First solo concerts
Concert with Marice Magnoni, Urls Leimgruber, Jacques Demierre, Joel Allouche
Festivals in Freiburg im B., Nienburg (Germany), Verona (Italy)
Festivals in Zürich and Lugano.
Solo concerts
"Music for 2 double basses, electric guitar and drums" (Doran, Studer, Burri, Magnenat).
Composition: 18 excercises
Solo concert at the Gallerie Götzental
Quartet with Tim Berne, Hank Roberts, Urs Leimgruber
Touring Europe and radio recordings in Graz and Linz (Austria), Cologne (Germany), Njimegen (Netherlands), Live in Willisau DRS
Video festival VIPER (CH) with Christy Doran, Hans Koch, Martin Schütz
"Ensemble Bleu" with Francoise Kubler, Louis Sclavis, Hans Koch, Christy Doran, Urs Leimgruber. Concerts at the art museum of Heidelberg and Cologne, and at the festival in Willisau. Festivals in Geneva, Nürnberg, Berlin
Pocus 1, Pocus 2, Pocus 3, Compositions for tape and double bass (tape realisation Ernst Thoma)
Solo concert at Gallerie Götzenthal
Pocus 4 "Fortsetzung Variation II". Composition for double bass, saxophon and tape.
Concert at the Museum of art, Lucerne (first performance), and Chur.
Pocus 5, solo concert at the Helmhaus, Zürich
Festival Rive-de-Gier (France).
Touring India, "JazzYatra" with Doran, Studer.
Recording of CD "Cactuscrackling" with Christoph Rüttimann (Cacti), Fredy Studer, Phil Minton, Stephanb Wittwer.
Concert with Fredy Studer at the Gallery Götzental.
Concert of Pocus 4 with Urs Leimgruber at the Museum of Art in Karlsruhe and Bielefeld.
First performance of Pocus 6, composition for double bass and tape at the Museum of Art in Lucerne (CH).
Solo concerts
European artists in Cuba: solo concerts and quartet (Doran, Studer, Burri, Leimgruber) and conducting workshops in Habanna and Santiago de Cuba.
Duo concert with Ernst Thoma (computer and live electonic).
In cooperation with the writer Zsuzsanna Ghase: Music and text compositions "Logbuch / Pocus 7". Performing at the Museums of Art in Lucerne and Aarau.
Solo concert in Vaduz (FL)
Trio concert with Fredy Studer, Martin Schütz
"Logbuch / Pocus 7", performance at the museum of art in St. Gallen.
Festival Willisau, Duo with Ernst Thoma